Luxury Cat Boarding at the Catz Carlton

We are excited to offer cat boarding to the Johnstown and Loveland, CO communities. Our luxury cat boarding facilities include:

  • Modern ventilation system to ensure every condo receives fresh incoming air while the rest is drawn up and out and exhausted outside. No two cats share air to ensure that sneezes aren’t a community experience.
  • Window views to watch outside activity.
  • Each condo has a main living room space with a perching shelf, as well as a private area for bathroom business and yet another for snoozing or cozy hiding.
  • The condo doors have soft-close hardware to prevent any startling slamming noises.
  • A web cam upgrade is available so you can check in on your cat(s). These same cams are utilized by our staff to ensure all is well when we aren’t directly interacting with our guests.
  • Professional medication services are available to give you peace of mind that your diabetic or otherwise regularly-medicated cat is staying on schedule in your absence.

If you are planning a getaway, you can count on The Cat Doctor to give you peace of mind while you’re gone. Your cat is in good hands with our experienced staff! 

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