What is a Cat Friendly Practice?

We are proud to be a Gold-Certified Cat Friendly Practice. Our entire team has been trained on the distinct needs of cats, and how to address their needs. Aside from this knowledge, there are other elements of visiting a Cat Friendly Practice that make a visit to the vet a positive experience for everyone involved.

What makes a Cat Friendly Practice different?

Skilled Staff

The staff members caring for your pet are well-versed in handling techniques that help frightened cats. These techniques allow for treatment and examination without increasing your cat's anxiety.

Individualized Health Care

Your cat will not be treated with "cookie cutter" medicine as a patient of The Cat Doctor. A health care plan specific to your cat will be created, helping to avoid medical emergencies or costly treatment of severe conditions.

Low Stress Environment

Our hospital was crafted with your cat in mind. Special waiting areas or accommodations, equipment specifically designed for cats, and other elements mean your cat can be comfortable through every point of the visit.